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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room To Relax


This week’s challenge……………

Like a few other English words, Room means two contradictory things. It can be the four walls that enclose us, giving us shelter and comfort but also limiting our movement. It’s also the limitless space into which we can wander and which we can fill — or try to (think about that expression, “room to grow”).

Plenty of room!

A  cafe in Bordighera, Italy.    


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room To Relax

  1. charming outdoor cafe. I do like the outdoor interpretation


  2. Amazing. It looks just like an indoor space without walls or roof. But what a mess it must be to clean up when it rains!



  3. A lovely outdoor room!


  4. What a wonderful seating arrangement for an outdoor cafe!! Love it.


  5. More and more Italy is calling me. Regarding the outdoor cafes, I dont get them. I saw a line of people waiting for seating outside. perhaps its because I am noise sensitive from my TBI, but I cant fathom going to a restaurant to eat outdoors (at least not in The U.S)


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