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Daily Prompt: Good Advice?


What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

There’s always advice,I’ve had lots of it over the years. I even had some to give, but more of that later. There was advice on how to live, or mainly, how not to live.  There was a lot of conditional advice, ie. ‘If you were to….. then you should…..’.   Some of it made no sense at all. Especially financial advice. ‘If you were rich, you should invest in…’. But I was never rich enough.

Even worse… ‘If I were you…..’  But you’re not me. I’m not very brave (but I can be bold,or really stupid) . There was plenty of advice on what I should be wearing, what not to wear, what never to wear. All ignored…. but you’d know that if you ever saw me!

Conditional advice for travel? Well I did pay a bit of attention. I like the ‘eat here, dont eat there’ kind of advice for cities I’m going to. Then again, I love finding places on my own, trusting my own instincts. When I get to a new place I’m quite capable of instantly  forgetting all the advice, good or bad. I’m the kind of person who makes a detailed shopping list every time, then forgets to take it with me.

What do I wish I’d been told when I was younger?  No idea, I got told everything. It was all probably well meant, it was mostly ignored.

Now I’m full of advice, I can tell you to be yourself, live in the moment, be a free spirit….. blah blah. I could even tell you where to put your money (if you were rich). Do I expect anyone to listen?  No, not at all. There’s far too much advice in the world already.

You could however, stop and notice the flowers now and again. 



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Good Advice?

  1. That photo is really worth turning into a drawing or a painting!