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Imagination Is My Prize


What’s your most prized possession? GO!

I learned quite a long time ago that possessions are something you have to carry with you.  Thoreau said that, we are all weighed down by the things we own. Mind you, it hasnt stopped me accumulating stuff. Even though I’ve moved many times and gotten rid of lots of things, I’ve still got too much stuff.

The prompt says ‘Go‘.  Does that mean I should be running from a burning building, grabbing what I can?  What would I rescue?  Easy question…. I’d rescue myself.

I racked my brains (quickly) to identify ‘prized possessions’.  New toys maybe? I’m very attached to my new tablet. Amazingly, it lets me read a book in bed. Well duh, as they say.  Is it books then? I have some books I bought as a student in Adelaide, I’ve lugged them across the world. Do I read them in bed? Nope, I just cant part with them. Wherever I go they become part of the decor. It’s my background wallpaper that is meant to say ‘I’m really cool!’

I have a battered Fender Stratocaster (an, no THE electric guitar) that I very rarely play now. It’s stained by the smoke and beer of a thousand or so pub gigs. I think, in that case, the memories are the prized possession.

Back to the tablet. I’ve loaded it with seven years’ worth of photos. There’s almost ten thousand of them. Like the Strat, they embody memories. Often they show me new facets of old experiences as I see them with new eyes. Prized possession? Maybe there’s a clue here…. it’s my imagination.

 I could always get another camera, but the thing that frames the photos in my head cannot be replaced. 


Kangaroo Island, South Australia. 

6 thoughts on “Imagination Is My Prize

  1. My girlfriend stopped the car and got me to take the photo. It was a magical afternoon.


  2. Wonderful post and photo.


  3. Thanks. It all seemed to come together today 🙂


  4. Beautiful word and photographic pictures!


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