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Daily Prompt: Where In The World?


I’m a bit of a wanderer, so I couldnt really let this one go by.

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

Five Places I Want To Visit.

No particular order…..

Hagia Sophia, the great mosque/cathedral in Istanbul (not Constantinople!)  There’s some graffiti carved into an upstairs balcony. It says (pretty much) ‘Halfdan was here!’.   Carved by Viking tourists about a thousand years ago. There’s more, apparently.

New York, 29th November 1957.  Carnegie Hall.  Apart from Thelonius Monk with John Coltrane, there’s also Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Charles, Sonny Rollins, and Chet Baker with Zoot Sims.   What more can I say?

Scotland.  I’ve seen it from  Hadrian’s Wall, but I never quite got there. Maybe I’ll get my act together for an Edinbugh Festival.

Massachusetts, USA.   Walden Pond, Thoreau, Emily Dickinson.  The time travel option?  Why not, if it’s on offer….

Almost anywhere I’ve ever been…. AGAIN!    To revisit a magical place is the ultimate luxury.

PS. I will not be going alone. My lover will be by my side every time.

And where would I send you?   Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Where In The World?

  1. Definitely the New York one.


  2. May your wishes come true 🙂 , and may you and your loved ones remain safe.


  3. Nice response to the prompt.


  4. I love that you want to visit a specific place and happening from the past. I think a big part of wanting to travel is because we wish we had experienced, at least for a moment, life in another time and place.


  5. I like the bit “where would I send you”? Let me think. A place I loved is a little island in the Baltic Sea: Hiddensee. I went there just before former GDR was re-united with FRG. A beautiful, beautiful piece of the world. I can highly recommened it. And a friend of mine is tempting me to go to Armenia. Maybe I will.


  6. Would send you to Storms River mouth, in the South African Tsitsikamma Coastal Park – stormy seas and rain forest, a magical place…

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