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One Day They’ll Find Out


Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome?

Tell us all about it.

I’m a really confident impostor. We all are. Life is a matter of acting as we take on different roles. There are so many situations in life that you cant really prepare for. Experience cannot be bought.

 Like most people, I make it up as I go along. If I take on a job, I’m guessing I can do it. Can I be sure? Not at all. Everyone has moments of doubt. ‘I cant do this….’ or after you’ve done it and someone says ‘Good job!’ you still feel you are not worthy of the praise.  I mainly feel that when I’ve done something that came easily to me.  In other words, something that I was competent to do.

I’m an impostor. I’m not a real grown-up, I know so little about anything I’m doing. Still, I’m doing it, I’m living. One day they’ll find out….. or maybe not. When a job is finished I am no longer the impostor. I’ve even fooled myself.

 If there were no impostors nothing would happen. We become ‘real’ by giving it a go.


Eventually we step out of our own shadow.

3 thoughts on “One Day They’ll Find Out

  1. Always a pleasure to read…


  2. Simple and pointed – but your words speak truths perhaps universal. Great post.


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