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Daily Prompt…. Que Sera Sera?


Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

An interesting question. Obviously I can control my immediate destiny…. for instance I’m going to the shops this afternoon. I can’t actually say I wont get run over, but I can increase my chances of survival by using the crossing and paying attention. So, I more or less have a handle on some parts of the future.

My greater destiny is a moot point. I know that decisions I made eventually led me to be right here, right now. I also realise that my destiny was sometimes shaped by what I didnt do. I made decisions without thinking which worked out well. Then again, some of my best laid plans went badly wrong.

I’m also aware now that some of my life is still controlled by a sixteen year old boy. Decisions we make in our early years shape our world. Is that wise?  Would you knowingly let some teenager plan your life?  We all did. If you’re still young (ie. under 95) I advise you to leave some space in your plans for the unexpected. I have been places and done things that were beyond my early comprehension. Whole universes had not yet popped into existence.  The sixteen year old in me is still looking forward to whatever comes next.

Sometimes were have our hands on the steering wheel, other times we’re just a feather on the breath of God.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt…. Que Sera Sera?

  1. I’m a little new to this writing world and still trying to navigate my way around the sits. Fortunately, I sometimes come across good writing I like, as your piece for the Daily prompt: Que Sera Sera. It’s very well written and thought provoking. The kind that would make interesting conversation. And what you said, I wished I had said. It would certainly make me look “Kool” or mature. Even though, I’m turning 63 in November, I sometimes feel as though I’m 16. But the 16 year old who wants to grow of fast. In this respect, my writing. Because, when I see a well crafted piece of writing, I learn what I can do better with mine. And from your piece here, I got lucky. It’s more like winning the lottery on finding good writing. I hope to read more of your work. Peace out!


  2. Really well written piece Ambitious Drifter – and I like the “word of caution” advisory – but sometimes in life, as we age, some of us well and gracefully, others not so much, it’s good to “be 16” again – lest we have forgotten the joys and thrills of being *that* alive and ready, willing and able to take on the world, so terribly confident in ourselves. Not always a bad thing, especially if tempered with life lessons learned along the way 😉


  3. Thanks Patricia ‘ lest we have forgotten the joys’ is probably the key to it all.