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Weekly Photo Challenge: I’m Inside


You’ll need to look carefully at this one.  Then you can see why it’s ‘inside‘.  The gentleman in the photo is outside, braving the weather in Place de la Republique in Paris. it’s heated out there, but it was very rainy. Look into the picture and you’ll see my inside comforts… a glass of wine and a coffee.


This is my second go at ‘inside’, The photo turned up while I was moving some files today. I was about to trash it, when I decide to look closer. Then I remembered what I was trying to do with it. It seemed to sum up ‘inside’. 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: I’m Inside

  1. It does sum it up. Very interesting take.


  2. Hah that’s great, people can find so many interesting ways to depict inside and I feel warm and cosy and looking foward to that glass of wine when I look at this 🙂


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