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Anxiety Clings To Us

Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (We’ll let you interpret this in different ways…) Photographers, artists, poets: show us ANXIETY.

I’m fascinated by sound, so noise doesnt scare me.  I dont mind silence, I live in a quiet place. Anxiety though… that worries me when it wont go away.

Last week I took myself off to my specialist for a checkup and to get the results of my recent scan. That was a genuine cause for anxiety, had the evil thing in my throat stayed away or crept back in?  It had gone, the results were all positive. Good!  However, the anxiety stayed with me for almost another day. What if I missed the train? Was my house alright? Was everybody else OK?

Clearly, I had been more worried about my scan than I had allowed myself to feel. The weight of it took a while to lift. Anxiety doesnt always need a reason.  We can always find something to worry about, even when there’s nothing to worry about..

Some times we see the dark reflections, distorted and inverted.  Meanwhile the clear picture ahead of us is strong and glorious.



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