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Talk To A Cat? Don’t Ask Questions!


I spoke to one of my neighbours today. He talked, I listened, it’s the way he likes it.

“Details?  Oh man, don’t ask details. We don’t do details. Where you been? Where you going? Details man, we don’t do details. What are you gonna understand anyway? Humans don’t get it. I can’t tell you too much, you know? No way can I spill the beans. it’s family business, you know what I’m telling you?  Family.  Gossip?  I’ll tell you the gossip.  Catch you up on the news maybe….

The Cold’s coming………. even you know that. All the dudes round here got their winter coats now. This spot…. this spot here is premium, know what I’m sayin’? Sunshine, it dont come down so far now. We gotta be on the wall.  Sunshine don’t stay so much now.

So who’s around?  That Russian Blue’s been here this week. What a babe!  That one’s Owned for sure, wee bit snobby too. I dunno, being Owned might mean you eat better, but you gotta stay in at night. Where’s the fun in that man?  Lemme see….. the kitten’s doing fine. She’s gonna make it through the Cold. Pretty bright too, real survivor. Blackie’s still cuttin’ it… doing well for an old forest cat. Rest of the family? Not too bad, not too bad. Life in the gardens is OK.  The guys by the bins aren’t doing too bad either, so they say.

Me? Yeah, I’m good. Gotta bit of weight on, fluffed up the fur. I’m cruising man.  Did I mention it’s almost 4pm? Yeah? It’s a sun thing. The sun goes about over there, then Cat Lady comes. I’m on lookout today. Dinner time soon.

No worries man… thanks for the bacon rind. You got any more, you come see me, alright?”

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Img_3262Click to enlarge this photo of Gingembre.

5 thoughts on “Talk To A Cat? Don’t Ask Questions!

  1. Nice…


  2. Thanks! Photo taken from my kitchen window.


  3. Great voice here!


  4. Yep…he’s pretty wild but can be friendly for a few scraps of ham. 😉