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Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers


I was just looking at this photo, taken this week in Covent Garden Market, London.  I really liked the paving stones, polished by centuries of shoppers.  I found a block that had been used for carving practice. If you look carefully you can see odd letters carved here and there. All the other stones are plain.

I think it must have come from the nearby St Paul’s church 1631 (the ‘actors’ church’ not the cathedral). Fascinating. Another layer of history in an historic place.

covent garden floor

click to enlarge to see the carved letters. 

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

  1. I am duly impressed by the beauty you discover in places no one would think of searching for it. Lovely.


  2. Thanks! I only spotted the carvings 5 mins before the Weekly Challenge came up. I’ve always photographed pavements!


  3. Fascinating! I don’t think I would notice otherwise.


  4. That’s a really nice entry 🙂