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Blogging Is Freedom


Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us FREE.

I’ve never been nervous about any of my blog posts. I really enjoy hitting the ‘Publish’ button and letting it go beyond my control.  I have said to myself ‘Publish and be damned!’ a couple of times, but that’s just a nice line from the Duke of Wellington.

I do sometime have thoughts of ‘Do I  post too much?’  ‘Do I post too often?’…. but it doesnt seem to stop me.  Some of the Daily Challenges dont grab me. Sometimes I think ‘Nah!’………… like today, then start composing something as I’m making a cup of tea.

Do I put too much of myself in these posts, give too much away?  Probably not.  Is this blog the real me?  Well, it’s the real me blogging.   I really like the Weekly Photo Challenges because I discover photos in my archive that have been overlooked. That’s always a good feeling.  And of course, there’s the comments and likes. It feels great when the little star icon lights up on my stats page!  So yep, each little post sets me free, as my latest creation is sent fluttering out into the world.

Some street art from Rue Mouffetarde, Paris.  Free as a bird!  A photo taken this week.

free bird

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9 thoughts on “Blogging Is Freedom

  1. I think we all like it when we see the little star light up.


  2. Yes, keep those overlooked photos coming! I put my camera down for some time until I started blogging. Now my writing AND photography has come back to the surface and is flowing again.


  3. “Do I put too much of myself in these posts, give too much away?”
    A question that all bloggers (probably) ask themselves at some point.
    My blog was intended as something of reworking of the past. In many ways it is a confessional, even though I did not necessarily think of it that way to start with.
    My first ever post was titled Confession so perhaps it was a matter of my conscient self catching up with the unconscious.
    So… Yes. I put a lot of myself into my posts. But I’ve been afraid for so long, that to share feels incredibly liberating.
    Thank you for your post 🙂 and for sharing.


  4. Perfect photo for the subject, love your choice and your confidence.