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What’s In A Name?


Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? 

A Daily Prompt,  I was going to let this one pass, but I started getting ideas. 

My name dates me now as effectively as if I’d been called Clarence or Aethelred.  It was once a popular name, first of the Apostles and, more trendily, there was Group Captain Peter Townsend.  He was the beau of Princess Margaret, not the guitar smashing maestro who wrote ‘My Generation’.  It’s been an easy name to live with.  It’s not hard to spell and it’s meaning is well known.

I am the rock, indeed the French equivalent ‘Pierre’ also means stone.  Do  feel like a rock?  No, not at all. Maybe I could be a pebble, rolled this way and that by some small stream. I’d be shiny and interesting, for a short time.  I dont think I’m a hard person, but I do endure.  I am not strong enough to be saintly.

What sort of rock would I want to be?  One of these maybe…… gathering moss in Miyajima or venerated in Nara. Then again, maybe I’d be a timeless mystery in the Ryoanji Temple Garden in Kyoto. I leave it to the observer to work out what they’re looking at.