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A Hero Resting


Cast the movie of your life.   Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPERSTAR.

This handsome fellow is in the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris.  He was obviously a hero in his day, but now forgotten.  It’s a wonderful monument to a handsome man. I’ve been back to the cemetery a few times since and I couldnt find him.


I was a star once, now I’m tired.
The battle ended, my fame is set.
Who could forget my daring deeds
My greatest work, my life?
My friends have caught my likeness well,
The handsome face, my perfect hair.
The idol of a grateful nation
At rest upon my reputation.
The very model of modest fame,
Who will now forget my name?

He might be the Unknown Soldier
For all he’s known to me,
A name I cant recall
In the cluttered cemetery.
He’s pleasing to the camera,
So his looks dont let him down
But his star is one of millions now
Too many to be known.


12 thoughts on “A Hero Resting

  1. I loved this. I visited the cemetary, and Pere Lachaise a few years ago, mainly to see Nijinsky’s grave but was amazed when I came across so many others…


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  3. Beautiful poem and lovely imagery. A treat to read, thank you


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