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What have you been putting off doing? Why? Photographers, artists, poets: show us TIME.

Another Daily Prompt sermon.

Procrastination is an art form with me. I’ve put off doing almost everything for all of my life. The beauty of it is that many things did not need doing, after all. The worst of it can be hell, though.¬† I put off checking on my health, a common male thing. It could have proved fatal, as my ‘blocked sinus’ was actually a tumour. I was very lucky.

I do know there’s things that you should never put off…. dont every neglect to tell someone ‘I love you’. Life can be short and very abrupt. Hug your children, your parents and your pets. You can hold back on anger or unpleasantness, that always pays off. However, never hold back on love.

Time slips away. Some people spent their’s running as fast as they can. I dont recommend that….. you might miss something important. Dont ever let life become a blur, there’s too much detail on the side of the road.

Runners, Figeac, France.