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Never say never again


Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it. Another Daily Prompt.

Never again….  How often have I thought that? Not often,when I try to recollect. Maybe I simply fail to learn from my mistakes. Certainly there are a couple of restaurants I wont go back to, but they’re gone into the stream of history now. I forget their crimes, but I know never to return.
I think my binge drinking days are over, but I still dont have an internal indicator for ‘too much beer’. I still fail to connect crippling hangovers with the beer in question. In that case, I guess, the pleasure still outweighs the pain.
I have said ‘never again’ about various people I’ve known. I’ve pretty much stuck to that. It does help to leave the country in these kind of cases. Then again, history has a tendency to repeat. I’d wind up feeling exactly the same way (and being treated the same way) by another person. So much for never.
As Ry Cooder sings…. (‘Tatler’ from Paradise & Lunch)

When you find the kind of man
That loves every woman he see
There’s always some kind of woman
Putting him up a tree

Here, the fault was all mine. Love and maturity have taught me that lesson.

Life has told me ‘never again’ about lots of things. I’m not sure how much more tree climbing I’ll do, and I know I wont be doing any more 12 day hikes in the Tasmanian wilderness. My creaky knees tell me ‘never again’… even when thinking about such things.  Age cancels a lot of subscriptions to clubs you should no longer be in.

Then again, I’d never say ‘never again’, because you never,never know.

This I will certainly do again, if I can. A Smithwicks in Dublin.