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Found Art, Order In Chaos

I’m a great admirer of William Eggleston, a photographer who is able to find beauty in odd places, using textures, shadows and colours. A poster of his ‘The Red Ceiling’ hung on my wall for years.  I’ve always been drawn to demolition sites, odd city walls and back streets to find interesting photos. I like to find order in chaos. They can be quite abstract, literally photos of ‘nothing’. I find they help sharpen my eye, allowing me to ‘see’ better.
This is a small collection of some of these photos. My favourite, ‘Wall Hanging’ is from a demolition site in Brussels. I guess it was the backing of a bathroom cabinet or mirror. To me it’s ‘found art’.
Like patterns on water, these images are ephemeral. They’re impermanent glimpses. Then again, there’ll always be another, if you look hard enough.





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