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An Alternative To Cherry Blossom Time.


Img2_0172Japan in cherry blossom time is undoubtedly very beautiful. It is also very crowded and you can never be sure of the exact right time to go. A quieter and equally beautiful alternative is to visit Japan in the autumn. The leaves seem to radiate a light of their own. It is a magic season, full of colour and spectacle.



Img_0160This was taken on the beautiful island of Miyajima, near Hiroshima. A Japanese gentleman beckoned us over to see this sight. I cant thank him enough.


Img_0138The light is fantastic. It’s also very peaceful.

3 thoughts on “An Alternative To Cherry Blossom Time.

  1. Hi Peter, love the light too


  2. Beautiful photos. I agree… Japan is lovely in autumn. I love those yellow, orange, rust and red colours.


  3. Very nicely done! Great light, great framing, lovely atmosphere. Thanks! -Alex