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There’s a leopard in the pond today

Crouching in the shiny weeds.

Just below the surface waits

To catch the kids who misbehave.

Dont think of skimming slinky stones

Across his shiny patterned back

And never ever try to catch

A ride upon his stripey hide.

Even when the ice is thick

The leopard waits to do his trick

To grab the kids who fool around

Catch them quick and drag them down.


This photo was taken with my original HP digital camera. It weighed a lot and had a 4meg memory chip. No screen at the back to show you what you had got. The pond is in the Petit Sablon in Brussels. I dont think I’ve ever captured a better water pattern, try as I might.

2 thoughts on “Pond

  1. And I like the poem, too!