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My Local Cats 1

The Cats of La Curie.

My house in France overlooks a couple of ancient market gardens. They are home to a fine tribe of cats looked after by The Cat Lady, who works one of the gardens. Across the road is a more motley tribe, which includes a couple of seriously wild (domestic) cats from the nearby forest. There are also a few well bred visitors who drop by to see their friends and get a free snack.

The territories are divided by a small stream, with a convenient bridge. The Garden Tribe is presided over by a prosperous looking tabby. He guards the bridge and patrols the boundaries. Needless to say, the bridge provides hours of endless fun, as the younger cats become soldiers, play fighting to decide who can cross the bridge. The Motely Bunch from over the road do make the odd raid, to see if there’s anything left in the bowls.

The Cat Lady is the guardian angel who feeds both tribes, but has names for her own animals, the handsome cats in the Garden Tribe.

I will be publishing regular updates on these guys, as I collect a nice range of portraits.

It Must Be Nearly 4pm…..Waiting for the Cat Lady.

  Waiting for the Cat Lady

The King Tabby, Closing His Eyes To Show He’s Not Going to Fight Me.

the king

Guarding The Bridge.

guarding the bridge

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